Study Visit to Berlin: 14 – 17 April 2020

Continuous Professional Development


Date: 14 – 17 April 2020

Fee: €595 (inclusive of flights, hotels, transfer and tours)

How to apply: For an application form please see bottom of page




Study Visit to Berlin, Germany, the country where National Socialism originated and became the seat of Nazi power, 1933-1945. The programme includes a walking tour of Jewish Berlin, visits to Holocaust sites, encounters with Holocaust or second/third generation survivors. Working with Holocaust scholars and educators the visit allows participants to grasp the enormity of the Holocaust and its resonances within the city.


“Hard going at times but well worth it. This study visit demonstrated the banality of the perpetrators that is at the heart of this subject and its relevance today. If we stop caring, anything is possible.”

“The study visit was extremely worthwhile and valuable in expanding my knowledge and understanding of the Holocaust.”

“This programme gave me the “nuts and bolts” of the Final Solution and showed the origins of National Socialism. It demonstrated how evil begins in a small way and can be built up to outcomes such as the Holocaust.”