Survivors’ Testimony

As the days pass, everyone involved in Holocaust education is aware that soon the first-hand accounts of Holocaust survivors will be consigned to a page in history.

Personal testimonies by Holocaust survivors make an indelible impression on all who hear them. As the number of witnesses diminishes, it is essential that their stories are heard, their testimonies recorded and their experiences shared. These encounters raise awareness about the dangers of discrimination and prompt listeners to reflect on the Holocaust and its consequences in our world today.

Hearing a Survivor Speak is a programme organised for senior cycle students. HETI facilitates Holocaust survivors’ visits to second and third level centres of education, community groups and other organisations.  Please find a booklet about this programme at the end of this page.

Today in Ireland we Jewish Holocaust survivors. They were both children during World War II.


tomi02Tomi Reichental is best known since writing his autobiography, I was a Boy in Belsen and making two documentaries, Till The Tenth Generation and Close to Evil.   Tomi is a very energetic octogenarian and speaks twice a week in schools all around Ireland as well as committing to other speaking engagements.   Due to demand, HETI has drawn up a 3-year roster for Tomi to speak in schools so that Transition Year and the two Leaving Certificate classes can all hear him at one time and then he will come back to the same school three years later when a new cohort of these classes are in place.



Suzi Diamond from Debrecin in Hungary was deported to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp on the last transport of Jews to leave Budapest. Suzi and her brother Terry survived and were brought to Ireland by Dr Bob Collis who arranged for them to be adopted by a Jewish couple in Dublin. All of Suzi’s family perished in the Holocaust. Suzi lives in Dublin with her husband, Alec. They have a grown-up son and daughter. Read Suzi’s story




To accompany a Holocaust survivor speaking in schools, HETI provides a copy of the Holocaust Memorial Day commemorative booklet for every person in the audience to take home or to work on in class. These provide an important resource for teachers, students, researchers and others interested in promoting Holocaust awareness.


HETI produced documentary Holocaust Survivors Living in Ireland features Suzi Diamond, Jan Kaminski,  Inge Radford, Tomi Reichental and Rosel Siev recounting their stories of survival during the Holocaust