HETI travelling Exhibitions

HETI currently has exhibitions on tour throughout Ireland.  The exhibitions travel through the different city and county library services of Ireland.  Special booklets are produced to accompany the exhibitions for the public to take away.  Many libraries arrange “school days” for the exhibitions and these are very well attended, eliciting a very positive response from students and the wider public. Please contact us if you would like to arrange for these exhibitions to show in your library. These exhibitions are available to borrow free of charge and we would ask that you library pay the cost of getting the exhibition to your library.

Available Exhibitions

The Power of Civil Society

This exhibition is about the choices each one of us makes. It’s about feeling sympathy for other peoples pain and it is about solidarity. Evil will not triumph if society is not indifferent.

1To view the exhibition: http://sic.mfa.bg/?act=galleries&rec=1240&sql_which=0

Fighting for dignity: Jewish resistance in Krakow

During the Holocaust, resistance in the ghettos of Europe took many forms: armed uprisings, clandestine observance of Jewish rituals and education, and smuggling food. All of the ghettos were ultimately destroyed by the Nazis and most of the inhabitants were transported to death camps and murdered. There were few survivors.

This exhibition is on display in Waterford I.T. Library from 01 September – 30 September 2015.