The Lesson – Documentary

In Germany, education on the atrocities of the Holocaust begins at 14 years old. Filmed over 5 years and following 4 teenagers, this fascinating insight into modern Germany showcases how younger generations grapple with the crimes of their ancestors, framed against a rising alt-right movement and deeply rooted political and social attitudes.

An insightful touchstone for discussions on the power of education and propaganda, as well as the continued impact of the Holocaust to this day.

Useful for Junior Cycle History Strand 1: The nature of history; Strand 3: The history of Europe and the wider world.

Year: 2019
Runtime: 60 minutes
Language: German (Subtitled)
Country: Germany
Rating: 15A
Director: Elena Horn

The film may be accessed at

In partnership with Holocaust Education Trust Ireland, The Lesson will be available to unlock for free from February 7th to March 11th, in recognition of Holocaust Remembrance Day 2022.

Teachers can email to receive the access code.