Holocaust Studies for Senior Students

A comprehensive teacher’s pack of 13 double-period lessons on the Holocaust provided in booklet form with USB memory stick containing lesson plans, testimonies, images, poetry, web links and video clips.

Rationale: to provide teachers with ‘lessons to go’ on 12 main topics in the Holocaust narrative. (Ireland and the Holocaust is included as an additional booklet for Irish teachers). Teachers no longer have time to read, research and prepare materials for their lessons. Everything they need to deliver these lessons is at hand in this teacher’s resource.

Suitability: Recommended for post-primary teachers who have completed the HETI Certificate in Holocaust Education, (or equivalent). The teachers’ pack complements the IHRA Recommendations on Teaching and Learning about The Holocaust and other Holocaust educational and pedagogical materials.

Prior to producing this teachers’ resource, Holocaust Studies for Senior Students was piloted in 35 Irish schools for 12 months. Thirty packs went to teachers who have participated in HETI teacher education programmes. Five went to teachers who were coming to the subject ‘cold’. The pack was also critiqued by two teachers in Germany and in Denmark.

Feedback was assessed and considered, changes were made accordingly.Overall, comments were positive and constructive. Participating teachers commented that it was too much and too good!

Amount of material was reduced, lessons were streamlined. This teachers’ pack offers up to 100 hours of teaching (short course) but also serves teachers with less time available who need to present the Holocaust in easily accessible lessons that are ‘ready to go’.

There is concern that once teachers are aware that Holocaust Studies for Senior Students exists, they will not participate in HETI (or other) Holocaust teacher education programmes and will believe that they can manage with the pack alone! It is therefore going to be presented to any teacher who completes the Certificate in Holocaust Education (or equivalent) as it is only through exposure to expert teachers and educators in this complex subject, that teachers will acquire the information, skills and knowledge to address the Holocaust in their classrooms. This pack will enhance and complement their learning experience.

Holocaust Studies for Senior Students is copyrighted to Lynn Jackson.

To access the lessons, please follow the links below:


Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Lesson 5

Lesson 6

Lesson 7

Lesson 8

Lesson 9

Lesson 10

Lesson 11

Lesson 12

Lesson 13

Lynn Jackson BA, MA, Mont Dip.Ed
Lynn is a founding trustee of Holocaust Education Trust Ireland. A former teacher, Lynn is also a Teaching Fellow of Imperial War Museum, London. And has completed several other Holocaust educational and training programmes. She designs Holocaust educational programmes and materials. Lynn served as Director of Education for HETI for 14 years and is a member of the Board of HETI and a member of the Irish delegation at the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance.