Holocaust Education Resources

HETI produces original Holocaust Education resources and material. It is all copyrighted and most of it is available on our website and can be downloaded. Our booklets and resource material is non-nation specific and is produced to a very high standard.  The beauty of our publications reflect the respect we give to the subject of the Holocaust and we hope you will find them useful and informative. Hard copies can be ordered from the HETI office.

Holocaust Narrative Resources

Resources for the Holocaust Narrative for Teachers are available here.







Holocaust Memorial Day booklets 

Every year we write a new Holocaust Memorial Day commemorative booklet. These have proved very popular with schools and libraries as it gives a comprehensive overview of the Holocaust.







Holocaust Timeline and Teacher’s Handbook


This resource comprises a wall chart tracing the development of the Holocaust and a corresponding teacher’s handbook with lesson plans, individual or classroom activities, points for reflection and links to find out more. 







Holocaust Studies for Senior Students

A comprehensive teacher’s pack of 13 double-period lessons on the Holocaust provided in booklet form with USB memory stick containing lesson plans, testimonies, images, poetry, web links and video clips.







The Crocus Project information pack

The Crocus Project Teacher's Handbook

This is sent to schools in all participating countries.

Currently the pack is available in 10 different languages







Hearing a Holocaust Survivor Speak

Hearing a Holocaust Survivor Speak information booklet

This booklet outlines the preparation and reflection that schools might consider when inviting a Holocaust survivor to speak to their students.








Visiting and Leaving Auschwitz-Birkenau

Front Cover Visiting Auschwitz

HETI provides two booklets to correspond with visiting and leaving Auschwitz-Birkenau. These give an outline of the history of the Jews of Poland, some personal stories and important facts and information. They help one focus and prepare for the trip and also to reflect on it afterwards. HETI is pleased to provide these booklets to schools organizing a visit to Poland.







Till the Tenth Generation

Front cover Till the Tenth Generation

Teacher’s handbook  and DVD

This comprehensive pack has been designed around the autobiography of Holocaust survivor, Tomi Reichental. RTE produced the film of Tomi’s story and HETI designed some excellent materials and teacher’s handbook to accompany the pack.







Exhibition booklets

Front Cover Fighting for Dignity Booklet

Over the years, HETI has brought several exhibitions to Ireland and produced specific booklets to accompany each.








International Conference: Antisemitism and Holocaust denial – New Perspectives

Front Cover HETI Conference booklet

On the 18/19 November 2010, HETI organised an International Conference on Antisemitism and Holocaust denial at Trinity College.  Scholars attended from the US, Canada, Britain, France, Germany and Israel.  It was the first time that such a conference had taken place in Ireland and that these two subjects had been addressed simultaneously in an academic forum.

HETI Conference booklet





Teacher Resources

Information and booklets are provided to teachers who participate in our teacher-education programmes.




Book & DVD Lending Library Catalogues

HETI operates a lending library where teachers can “borrow” resources for lessons, research, or just to improve their own knowledge base. Those wishing to borrow a resource, must pay a deposit of €20 per item and this is refunded when it is returned.