In Memorium – Max Levitas

Max, 2011. Photo

Holocaust Education Trust Ireland has learned with much sadness of the death of Max Levitas, 02 November 2018 aged 103. Max was born in Ireland to Lithuanian parents who fled antisemitism in 1913 to join family already living in Dublin. He was an ardent trade unionist who opposed fascism and antisemitism all of his life.


Originally from Dublin, Max and his parents emigrated to London in the early 1930s where they lived in the East End of the city.  Max was a  veteran of the ‘Battle of Cable Street’ which took place in London in 1936 when Oswald Mosley, leader of the British Union of Fascists, and 3,000 of his followers (Blackshirts) attempted to march through a largely Jewish part of East London. They were blocked by Jewish groups, socialists, Communists, trade unionists and others. Many of the Irish dock workers stood in solidarity with their Jewish neighbours to successfully prevent the march through their community.


Throughout his life, Max actively opposed fascism and antisemitism and for many years attended the national Holocaust Memorial Day commemoration in Dublin. He will be sadly missed


We extend to his family, relatives and wide circle of friends our deepest sympathy.