Film Screening – Anne Frank: Parallel Stories

Oscar®-winning Actress, Helen Mirren, retraces Anne Frank’s life through the pages of her diary, and we are introduced to 5 other women who, as young girls, were also deported to concentration camps but survived the Holocaust.

Written and directed by Sabina Fedeli and Anna Migotto, original soundtrack by Lele Marchitelli. Produced by 3D Produzioni & Nexo Digital, in collaboration with the Anne Frank Fonds in Basel, CinEvents brings Anne Frank: Parallel Stories to over 140 cinemas across UK & Ireland to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day, week commencing 27th January.

Anne Frank: Parallel Stories can be seen in select cinemas from 27th of January. Event days may vary so please check the website to find out when it will be on in your closest cinema.


Helen Mirren tells the story of Anne’s life in the documentary Anne Frank: Parallel Lives. Born in Frankfurt on 12th June 1929, this documentary is dedicated to her memory and has been created to tell the story of her life to mark what would have been her 90th birthday.

“This is a story we must never forget. We are beginning to lose the generation of people who are living witness of what happened in Europe in those terrible days, and so it’s all the more important to keep the memory alive looking into the future. With the advent of the wars in Syria, Libya, Iraq, with the immigration issue that’s happening in Europe, it’s so easy to start pointing your finger at different races, different tribes, different cultures, different people and say ‘you’re to blame for my problems’. So, I just feel the diary of Anne Frank is an amazing teaching tool, an amazing vessel to carry the real understanding of human experiences of the past into our present and very much into our future. I find it very, very important and that’s why I wanted to do this piece”. – Helen Mirren