Distortion of the Holocaust and the rise of Nazi Rhetoric

We are horrified as Nazi symbols and Nazi rhetoric appear on our television screens, newspapers and social media.  Just over 70 years since the end of World War II when the horrors of the Holocaust were revealed.


The Holocaust did not start with gas chambers and crematoria, it began with taunts and bullying, it began with hate speech.  To see Nazi symbols and hear Nazi language used openly is shocking and frightening.  We have Holocaust survivors and Second Generation Holocaust survivors with us today who must be terrified by what they see and what they hear.


It is essential that we speak out when we see and hear such hatred expressed.  We know only too well where such thoughts, utterances and actions can lead if left unchecked. The only way to counter this is through education.  Now, more than ever, we need to reach young people and make them aware of the dangers they may face when confronted by antisemitism and all forms of racism.


We work with young people, we work in schools, work with teachers and we organise public awareness programmes. Help us to continue our important work.


Photo credit: Andrew Shurtleff