After nearly 80 years, two Holocaust survivors reunite in Los Angeles

Nearly 80 years ago, George Berci and Frank Schatz crossed paths during their time as members of the Hungarian Resistance during the Second World War. This week, they were reunited for the first time.

Both Berci and Schatz escaped Nazi labour camps and shortly thereafter joined the Hungarian anti-Nazi underground network in Budapest. After the war, both men rose to prominence in their respective fields; Berci as a pioneering surgeon based at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, and Schatz as an author and columnist for the Virginia Gazette.

Schatz remarked that their reunion had taken place, in part, “to counter the persistent voice of Holocaust deniers.”

“We are very fortunate that we remember these historical sites, these historical events and we can draw some conclusion,” Berci said. “We can draw attention to the present people who are around us, what’s happened and what should we do that this should never, ever occur again.”

You can read the full story of Berci and Schatz’s reunion here.


Berci and Schatz

George Berci and Frank Schatz reunite after nearly 80 years. Image courtesy of Reuters/Mike Blake

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